"A True Leader? That is to have ‘position power’ and never need to use it"

 -  Theodore Blanchard, Admiral
Why choose us ?
Our motto: “For us, it’s Black and White” says it all. We will work for you as a professional and represent your company with class. Or as we like to say, “The tuxedo approach.”

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Office: 952.236.8635
Fax 952.236.0856


PO Box 1217
Lakeville, MN 55044-1217
Penguin Appraisal Company is not your average independent firm; we are committed in providing quality services while providing more than just an appraisal. We offer many services and have the experience to deliver.

Some of the qualifications of our staff include:
  • 25+ years in the insurance and collision fields
  • Handled all claims from ‘cradle to grave
  • Certified ICAR instructor
  • Nationwide Material Damage Manager
  • Company Training Director (Liability, BI, PD)
  • Authored several Training Manuals (for several insurance companies)
  • CAT manager/coordinator on many occasions
  • Regional DRP coordinator
  • Certified RV Instructor
  • SCLA and LPCS designations
We also have access to:
  • Medical professionals
  • SIU experienced professionals (30+ years)
  • Litigation, Liability professionals

Pricing Structure:

This is based on the volume and type of service(s) you require.
Please call and we are always willing to work within your budget.
This is a time where we know it’s not always Black and White.

We are fully insured:

We have a $1mm / $2mm aggregate GL policy and BOP policy for Penguin Appraisal Company.